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Folding Doors provides the top of the line folding doors in Greater Toronto and surrounding area. The application of the folding doors is growing day by day due to their practicality. Thanks to this kind of door you can save the space and even install doors in a smaller area where an ordinary door could not be installed. Our company provides a wide range of these products in various materials. In this way we can help you install folding doors as room dividers, flat panel doors, raised panel doors and closet dividers. We are also giving our customers to choose the material of the doors between glass and aluminum.  It is on you to choose what kind of doors will suit you most.

The simplest solution for the partitioning of the rooms in your office or in your apartment are exactly this kind of doors that will save your space. Folding Doors is offering to its customers a wide range of types and colors that will suit with the rest of the interior in the best possible way. Folding doors are becoming increasingly popular and are a perfect alternative for the swing doors and the sliding doors. They can be built for almost any dimension. Folding Doors can build for the customers up to 16 panels, with 8 folding in one direction and 8 in the other.

Folding Doors is a company that has long been on the market and is known for its high quality products and installation. We formed a team of professionals who understand their job and are devotedly attached to the each task. We always try to meet our clients’ wishes so we are manufacturing high quality doors with the possibility of making custom made doors, in order to make our customers satisfied. Doors are a very important part of any home or office because they provide security but they also give a special note of elegance to internal and even external design.

This type of door is one of the most interesting details in the design of internal space, but also the external. Thus we may see that the folding doors have become a very decorative and sophisticated element of many terraces. By installing glass folding doors on you terraces you will give a special touch of elegance to your home, therefore, your apartment will look much brighter. Folding Doors will make the installation of the doors in the best way to express the aesthetics of your home.

In our wide range of doors we are also offering to our clients a wide range of folding windows. Be different from the others and allow us to give your home or your office a special look. This type of window is much more practical than the classic one and occupies much less space. The experience that Folding Doors gained during years of our work give us the right that we can promise the high quality door and installation that will make your home look magical.


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